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Our university ranked 6th among state universities on The Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index

Rankings of the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index 2016, where the universities in Turkey are ranked in terms of their entrepreneurial and innovative performance, that was prepared by TUBITAK,  is announced by Mr. Dr. Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology at a press conference at TUBITAK .


The minister emphasized that the index is aimed at creating a sense of competition among the universities and to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystems and expreseed "This list does not show the quality of education of the universities or the best university in the Turkey, rather it only revealed the entrepreneurship and innovative standing of the universities".


Our university placed 10th with 67,64 points on the index, which ranks the top fifty universities. Our university ranked 6th on the index among the state universities.


The minister congratulated the universities which got a place on the index and gave his thanks to the institutions and organizations for their valuable contributions to the preparation of the Index. The minister has also expressed his confidence in universities as they are the key players in developing the entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative culture.


Yıldız Technical University, which has been a center of interest as a result of generous investments in R&D, innovation and scientific activities, placed 19th the The Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index in 2012, when this index was first initiated. 


Our university ranks 10th with 67,64 points among all universities; and 6th among state universities on the Index based on the evaluations of this year.


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