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Smart Campus and Digital Transformation

Environmentally Compatible Sustainable Living Areas

A Smart And Green Campus

In addition to its quality education, Davutpaşa campus can be called a "Living Campus", with all its dynamics that not only support the individual development of students but also creates a spatial identity by separating itself from other places of its kind with its historical and natural assets, and the fact that it reflects all the vitality of the city as a science and culture center. In addition to all these, YTU also implements beautiful and functional applications in order to use the campus more effectively and efficiently. While aiming to create a unity with social living areas, a cultural center and educational areas in harmony with its environment and historical texture, it also includes the elements of being an environment-friendly, pedestrian-first barrier-free campus where green areas are protected, resource efficiency and sustainability principles are adopted, resulted in the development of a so-called ‘Living Campus.’ The creation of a sustainable campus was another target. A respectful approach to nature and people has been adopted in the environmental arrangements carried out with the understanding of a "Sustainable Campus" which is paying attention to ecological, social and economic dimensions; meticulous work has been carried out to protect the green areas in the campus and make them more qualified. Frameworks such as Turkey's Zero Waste Policy and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were taken into consideration, and as a result, all YTU campuses, especially Davutpaşa Campus, were turned into sustainable living areas.

Digital Transformation

Yıldız Technical University has come a long way in digital transformation on its campuses with the aim of bringing the future to the present. New technologies applied on YTU campuses lead other universities and institutions. The prominent applications of YTU regarding digital transformation are as follows;

Super Wi-Fi Access

The entire Yıldız Technical University and Technopark campus area is covered with professional and industrial super wi-fi equipment. Students and Technopark company employees will meet with the new generation access form Super Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Mobile Wireless Access

Within the Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus and the Technopark Campus area, there is uninterrupted mobile wireless access even when you are on the move by bicycle.

Poll Editing with Wi-Fi Connection

At Davutpaşa Campus and Technopark Campus area, a survey form can be presented to anyone who will benefit from super wi-fi broadcasting.

Rest and Recharge Points

Smart benches which are placed in the resting areas provide ease of life on the campus. They run on solar energy which they can store for days and nights even when there is no sun, and they have a USB port as well.

Solar Lighting Pole

The lighting poles used in the campus are solar powered. In this way, electricity usage is minimized.

The Information System

With the information system used in the campus, you can view all the buildings on the land in their real locations, query all infrastructure and superstructure information and speed up the coordination between these units. Using the system, tracking the changed/ maintained/newly built and moved inventories is possible as well. As a result easier inventory and personnel management opportunities are provided by displaying them on a location-based map.

Online Library Reservation System

In the online library, students can make online reservations with their username and password, choose the lodge, table or room they want, make future reservations, and perform loan-return book transactions.