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Health, Sport

A Campus Designed for a Healthy Future and Barrier-Free Tomorrows: Davutpasa

Sports Facilities Equipped with the Latest Technology are Open to Everyone

The period we are in has once again reminded the world how important health is. For a healthy body, regular exercise and a balanced diet are a must. The sports facilities that live up to the latest technology in the Davutpasa Campus of YTU are open to anyone who wants to do sports and keep fit. All students, academic and administrative staff, graduates and retirees can use the semi-olympic indoor swimming pool, fitness center, carpet pitch and tennis courts in Davutpasa Campus. In addition, the disabled can benefit from the sports facilities free of charge.

Modern Arrangement with Green Campus Concept

The projects implemented in the campus recreational studies were implemented in line with short and long-term structuring according to the principle of protecting the natural life on campus within the framework of the green campus concept. Life on campus has been organized in a comfortable and livable manner for disabled users of all ages, for the purpose of protecting and diversifying flora and fauna, locating animal shelters in suitable areas, container zones created to raise awareness of recycling, and an understanding of barrier-free life. Furthermore, in addition to indoor and outdoor sports areas, walking paths and bicycle tracks, natural living spaces that form integrity with landscape aesthetics, practices such as nature-friendly construction materials used for the recovery of waste water and rainwater, and green energy-supported lighting come to the forefront.