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Digital Technologies

Contribution to Learning with Digital Innovation

 Preparing for the Operational Environment of the Future 

YTU, which operates in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industry (PDI), carries out extensive studies with the participation of institutions and organizations. The "Robotim - Collaborative Robots (unmanned aerial and land vehicles) and Autonomous Reconnaissance, Guidance and Navigation R&D Project" contract was signed with a consortium of companies with competence in this field. In the Robotim Project, YTU Yıldız Technopark firm Polonom Teknoloji, which was established in partnership with YTU faculty members from the Computer Engineering Department, is the main contractor, while Yıldız Technical University is also a subcontractor. As SelviTech business partner in the project, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, Istanbul Commerce University and Balıkesir University are also involved as subcontractors. Within the scope of the project, new technologies will be added to the unmanned systems and preparations will be made for the operational environment of the future.  

The Purpose is to Build the System That Will Serve Fully Autonomously 

With the Robotim Project, a system will be created in which artificial intelligence supported UAVs and UAVs will perform their duties in swarms, in a non-GPS environment and fully autonomously. The operational advantages of land and air vehicles will be used in the most efficient way, work sharing within the swarm for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, combining different sensor data, and common tactics and behavior algorithms will be developed.With talented robot swarms, the project aims to acquire swarm capabilities such as the development of distributed artificial intelligence supported swarm algorithms, artificial intelligence supported object and friend-enemy element detection, and preparation of swarm communication infrastructure.

A New Project Every Day From YTU Digital Technologies 

In the field of digital technologies, some of the projects and companies implemented within YTU and Technopark are as follows;

Compugroup, one of the first companies of YTU Yıldız Technopark, is one of the top 10 software companies in health informatics with its 8 thousand employees worldwide. The company produces 80% of the smart software of private health insurance companies.

Etiya, one of the YTU Yıldız Technopark companies, is a software company that offers artificial intelligence supported digital transformation applications based on customer experience with its award-winning product portfolio.

Studies are carried out on medical imaging in the Computer Vision Laboratory and on artificial learning in the Natural Language Processing Laboratory. 

Autonomous robots and swarm simulation projects in the Computer Engineering Department, Embedded Systems and Robotics Laboratory, in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory; He continues his research in the fields of deep learning, machine learning and big data.