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Defense Technologies

Laboratories Equipped with High Technology Serving the Defense Industry

All Our R&D Studies Can Be Accessed From Labsis

Yıldız Technical University, with its deep-rooted history and strong infrastructure, is an R&D university. In this sense, YTU, which has a strong laboratory network, conducts research on many subjects from materials to biotechnology, from energy to artificial intelligence and transportation, and these can be accessed openly at

Central Laboratory

YTU Central Laboratory works to produce scientific knowledge and develop opportunities for transformation into technology. It cooperates with universities abroad and establishes partnerships with research institutions on R&D issues and prepares a working environment that will gather the project studies carried out with the support of the European Union, TÜBİTAK, TÜBA, DPT and Yıldız Technical University Scientific Research Projects within the Central Laboratory. In addition, it creates a separate information and support unit on subjects such as patents, license agreements, technology transfer, increasing the potential project execution of YTU.




Hydrodynamic Research Center and
Laboratory Investment Amount


To the Avionics Engineering Program
Number of Registered Students

In the Hydrodynamics Research Center and Laboratory, maneuvering and hydrodynamic tests of defensive sea vehicles will be carried out.

The only one in Turkey: Hydrodynamics Research Center and Laboratory

In this context, the "Hydrodynamics Research Center" and laboratory establishment project, which was started within YTU in 2019 with the support of the Ministry of Development and planned to serve the defense industry, is about to be completed. The Hydrodynamics Laboratory, which is currently in use, is being modernized within the scope of the relevant investment, with a 37mx30.6m-sized modeling and experiment pool established on a 5,000 m2 closed area. By placing snake type irregular wave generators along one side, it is aimed to design commercial and military vessels, coastal and marine structures, offshore platforms, submarine pipes and power lines, as well as maneuvering and hydrodynamic tests. Performing the necessary tests and experiments during the design and production stages of ships, submarines and offshore structures, especially demanded by the defense industry, also means protecting Turkey's fund of knowledge and secrets. This investment and laboratory, amounting to approximately 30 million TL, will be used in the education-training and R&D activities of the institute planned to be established.

Avionics Engineering Program Gained Much Interest in a Short Time

YTU is very successful in creating and executing the programs that are designed together with its external stakeholders… For this purpose, the multi-disciplinary “Avionics Engineering” program, which was co-founded with one of Turkey's most important defense industry companies, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), was launched in 2018 and within a short time. The number of registered students reached 65. This program, which continues with the support of ideas, projects and expert lecturers of Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ), continues successfully.

YTU also enters into collaborations in order to contribute more to the Defense Industry. At YTU, where competency analyzes were conducted for the Defense Technologies cluster, one of the areas prioritized by the Council of Higher Education, workshops were held with the participation of faculty members and public institutions and organizations.