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National and International Relations

Collaborations Provide Benefits to Students,
Academics, and Institutions

YTU has contracted many national and international collaborations to date. While each collaboration helped both YTU and YTU academics and students take themselves one step further, it also provided many gains to the institutions and organizations they cooperated with. National and international collaborations and bilateral agreements made by YTU;

  • Under the supervision of Yıldız Technical University, accelerator programs were organized in StarTurk, which was established by the consortium of Istanbul Technical University, Bahçeşehir University, Hasan Kalyoncu University, and Gebze Technical University, in which academic entrepreneurs took part. For example, at StarTURK International Incubation Center, educational entrepreneurs received training and mentoring support on issues such as corporate law in the USA and held investor and bilateral cooperation meetings.
  • The CO-OP Education Model, which will bring a completely different perspective to university education, is a system that will enable YTU students to gain experience in business life while continuing their education life.
The Opportunity to Know the World with the Agreements Made