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Technology Transfer Office

Groundbreaking Studies in Innovation

An Interface Contributing to the National Economy

Activities related to research management at Yıldız Technical University are carried out by YTU Technopark and YTU Technology Transfer Office under the Vice Rectorate for Research and Development.

YTU Technology Transfer Office was established in 2013 under YTU Teknopark A.Ş. with the intellectual heritage it inherited from the Project Support Office. YTU Yıldız Technology Transfer Office, which was established within YTU Yıldız Technopark under the umbrella of Yıldız Technical University, has been one of the first 10 TTOs supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK's 1513-Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) Support Program and has been continuing its activities since then with the support of TÜBİTAK.

YTU AESK (Systems with Alternative Energy Club) Won the First Prize in TÜBİTAK Teknofest Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races.


YTU TTO in Figures

YTU TTO adopts as its main goal to provide sustainable collaborations based on mutual trust in line with the needs of the industry, academic studies and new technologies developed with more than 2,000 academicians, more than 6000 projects and more than 250 patents. Yıldız TTO, which serves academics, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and students, incorporates Corporate Communication, Project Support, University-Industry Cooperation, Patent and Entrepreneurship units.









Firms established by academics



USI Projects





What do we do as YTU TTO? 

In addition to providing all kinds of support to start-ups, Technopark also enables YTU academics and students to develop and produce their projects continuously.

  • Academic solutions for the needs and problems of the industry,
  • Determining a roadmap for the processes from project ideas to the product,
  • Assessing project funding needs and preparing funding program applications,
  • Accessing and benefiting from international funding cooperation networks,
  • Cooperation in doctoral programs for the supply of qualified personnel to the industry,
  • SME development analysis and solutions for needs,
  • Opportunity for commercialization by projecting YTU doctoral theses,
  • Raising awareness about intellectual property rights among academics, industrialists, and students,
  • Writing Intellectual Property Rights agreements, supporting licensing and commercialization processes,
  • Carrying out the promotional activities of the idea that has a value,
  • Office, infrastructure, training, and mentoring services for entrepreneurs from the business idea stage through incorporation, commercialization, and investment stages,
  • Supporting the fundraising processes of startups by bringing entrepreneurs and investors together,
  • Free support for the manufacturing processes of entrepreneurs engaged in production-oriented projects.