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Arts And Culture

Many Forms of Art, from Architecture to Music, Are Waiting for Yıldız Members


The Gateway to a Completely Different World: YTU Art Clubs

Culture and art life is also given great importance on YTU campuses. Academic life becomes more enjoyable and prosperous on campuses, where activities in many artistic fields, from architecture to music, are carried out. In addition, art clubs within YTU open the doors of a completely different world to students with various events they organize every year.

What are YTU Art Clubs Doing?

1002 Poetry and Fairy Tale Club (1002 ŞMK)

They organize conversations on poetry and literature and prepare book days and periodic fanzines.

Photography Club (FOK)

They take photos in historical areas and nature. In addition, they deliver photo printing workshops and organize trainings.

Traditional Arts Club (GESK)

They organize events by bringing together the students interested in traditional arts (Miniature, marbling etc.) and work to increase awareness on these arts.

Music Club

They organize choirs, concerts, and music competitions. In addition, the Pi community, affiliated with the Music Club, organizes museum and exhibition tours, talks on literature, supporting the socialization of its members.

Space and Art Kitchen Club (SPARK)

They organize projects that will highlight YTU's name in interdisciplinary fields. They are mainly technically oriented in their work.

Cinema Club

They organize film screenings and film festivals.

Turkish Music Club (MUSIKI)

They organize concerts and training in Turkish Folk and Art Music.

Yıldız Stage Club

Yıldız Stage aims to make university students love theater and make them see art as a part of their lives based on the nature of art.