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University-Private Sector Collaborations

We Prepare our Students  for Business Life

Yıldız Technical University continues to work in the fields of science, business and entrepreneurship without slowing down, with the awareness of the question that every university student in the world asks on the first day of study, "How will this education help me in the future?" or "What will I gain from studying at this school?" The education received at YTU can be transferred to science, business or entrepreneurship. Every academic or student who is trained at YTU has the opportunity to meet the real sector and implement their ideas in facilities equipped with modern technology.

  • In 2020, YTU carried out activities to develop new collaborations with the companies in its existing network and create solutions for the R&D-based needs of companies in SME status.
  • Within the scope of business development activities, large industrial organizations, SMEs, R&D centers, technopark companies, and entrepreneurs/incubators were contacted.
  • Cooperation meetings were held with companies such as Aygaz, Arçelik, Vestel, BSH, Gübretaş, Koç Finans, Kalekimya, Doğuş Teknoloji, Roketsan, Kalyon Holding, Turkcell, which are among the major industrial establishments and R&D centers. As a result of the negotiations, academics were matched with Aygaz, Arçelik, BSH, Turkcell, and Kalekimya, and contracted R&D projects were carried out.
  • The application for the TÜBİTAK 1505 program of the project named "Development of a New Generation Fertilizer Based on a Controlled Release System Containing Boron Compound," in which Garbeta is the customer organization and YTU as the executive organization, has been submitted, and the evaluation process continues.
  • Istanbul Energy Inc. according to the agreement made with YTU students, one was made on internships, projects, graduate students' master's and doctoral theses, and academics' R&D operations according to their field of expertise.
  • Within the scope of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Karsan Automotive cooperation, cooperation was made on the long-term internship and later employment of undergraduate students who may graduate in June 2021, or graduate students at Karsan Automotive - Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • An agreement was made with Bias Engineering and Autodesk to provide certified free of charge training for students each semester.


Number of Industry-Funded


Number of Projects Eligible for Support from
Funding Programs

135 Different Projects Were Funded by Industry

The CO-OP Education Model is a system implemented by YTU, which acts, produces, and designs projects according to the spirit and requirements of the time to disseminate the CO-OP Education Model (Cooperative Education - Education Based on Cooperation with Industry).

The collaborative CO-OP Education Model is a structured model that combines classroom-based education with practical work experience... Thanks to this model, internships, service learning, and students placed in the appropriate fields provide different perspectives and experiences while also getting to know other businesses and people. Thanks to this method, which is perhaps one of the most significant achievements of university life, the progress of both the educational institution and the student are ensured.

The YTU CO-OP Education Model (Cooperative Education, CO-OP) offers students an on-the-job learning experience, and our students work actively in the field in their 8th semester.