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Dean of Students’ Office

Yıldız Technical University Dean of Students’ Office was established in 2017 to focus on students and support them in undergraduate education from the first year, at the graduate education level, and when they graduate. In addition to academic studies in its 110-year-old history, the studies carried out through associations and foundations such as ÖREM, YTU Foundation, YÜMFED, and YTÜMED for the social development of its students have gained an institutional identity. The dean, 2 assistant deans, and the dean's secretary carry out studies in the Dean of Students’ Office. Within the Office, there are Psychological Counseling Unit, Peer Counseling Unit, First Year Experience, Culture-Art-Design-Sports Mentorship.

We aim to ensure that undergraduate and graduate students have a peaceful, productive, and successful time at university by providing the necessary support to solve their problems throughout their university life. We provide assistance and services in issues such as academic resources, accessibility, career, school rules and legal, financial and administrative support and assistance, health, and counseling resources, safety, and student community cohesion.

Our motto is "Yıldız members work together" to realize our goals/purposes within our values.

The values that Yıldız Technical University defines in its vision and mission are the fundamental values of the Dean of Students. Among these values, focusing on "EQUALITY, HONESTY, ETHICS, COOPERATION" is the primary target. The aim of Yıldız Technical University Dean of Students; in addition to its academic studies, is to contribute to forming a collaborative, interconnected, high institutional sense of student community who have intellectual knowledge and outlook on life and work for social and personal development. All these values are the necessity of being a SUSTAINABLE and INCLUSIVE SOCIETY.