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Peer Counseling

As the Dean of Students, we have started the “Peer Counseling Program” for the valuable students of our university. Starting from the first year, it carries out the implementation of a preventive and improving program implemented by peers for the healthy development of our students by taking into account the developmental processes of our students with "Peer Counseling" at every grade level. Peer counseling program, which is a systematic process, is a volunteering activity in which volunteer students who are entitled to become “peer counselors” after a serious education will help other students who want to benefit from this service at our university. In this program, “peer counselors” will receive training in techniques used in the helping process. With the training they have received together with the ability they have, students who have a certain level of ability to help will help students who have applied for help in the coordination of clinical psychologist / psychologist / psychological counselor, in the adaptation process, academic, social and various awareness.

Yıldız Technical University students who participated in the peer counseling program voluntarily, successfully completed the training of the program and were selected by the program coordinator are “Peer Counselors”. Yildiz Technical University students who voluntarily participate in the peer counseling program, who request help on the subject specified in the program, and who are selected by the program coordinator are “Peer Clients”.

  • Selection of candidate peer advisors,
  • Peer counseling training program and determination of the peer counselor after the program,
  • Providing peer counseling service by peer counselors,
  • Giving feedback to peer clients throughout the process by the Peer Counseling Program Coordinator
  • Completion and termination of the peer counseling program.

Selection of candidate peer advisors

Students willing to participate in the program will be interviewed. Students who meet the criteria for assistance will become “candidate peer advisors” as a result of the evaluation.

In order to become a peer counselor, the volunteer student must first adhere to the basic principles of the helping process. The peer counselor should not adopt a discriminatory attitude in terms of language, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability, age, place and region of residence, social class, disability or not. In this regard, it is obligatory for peer counselors to strictly comply with other ethical rules to be taught during the training program. The peer counselor makes a verbal and written promise by signing the consent form created with the program coordinator.

In order to become a peer counselor, the candidate candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Having the recommendation of a faculty member in the student's program,
  • To be in the score range in accordance with the program standards in psychosocial measures,
  • Valuing ethical principles,
  • Being reliable and responsible
  • Its academic success is in accordance with the standards in the opened program.