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Psychological Counseling Unit

Individual Psychological Counseling / Individual Psychotherapy, Group Counseling / Group Psychotherapy, Neuropsychological and various tests and Development and Art Workshops are held on the subject of personal development and well-being of our students. There is a specialist clinical psychologist, a psychologist, a specialist psychologist consultant and a secretariat in the unit.

Privacy Policy

Interviews with our experts are carried out in line with professional ethics and principles. The principle of trust and confidentiality is fully fulfilled. The conversations you will make will not be shared with other people without your permission. However, when your life or someone else's life is in danger, the people you mentioned in the first meeting can be contacted. Even in this case, you will be contacted before sharing information with others.

In case of emergency

If the person has thoughts / plans about harming himself or someone else, if the person acts / engages in behaviors that may endanger the life of others or himself, contact Yıldız Call Security Center (2155) and / or Health (112) immediately. If the person wants to receive psychological support afterward, should contact the Psychological Counseling Unit.

All students of Yıldız Technical University can benefit from the services provided by the Psychological Counseling Unit free of charge.


Applications need to be made before coming to our Dean's Office: You can make a request from the e-mail address with the extension All applications are kept confidential. If you prefer a face-to-face application channel; It is necessary to personally apply to the secretary of the Psychological Counseling Unit of the Dean of Students and fill out the form.