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Rektör Tamer Yılmaz'dan
We are one of the best universities in the world in its field.
Dear Friends,

I am sure that everyone who has taken this institutional profile study, through which we aim to briefly explain the past, present and future of Yıldız Technical University, is aware of the fact that the world has gone through a change in a way that has never been seen in history. For this reason, I do not intend to go into the details of these developments that you have already observed, experienced or even pioneered.

Whether you call it digitalization, the age of artificial intelligence or the 4.0 industry era, it has been a long time since countries, institutions or individuals did more than just understanding the necessity of keeping up with this change. After today, I think the decisive thing is not to keep up with this change, but to act at the same pace as the pace of change.

Yıldız Technical University was established exactly 110 years ago, in 1911, under the name of Conductor Mekteb-i Âlîsi, at a time when a change similar to that of today’s was experienced, for the purpose of adapting these lands to the changing time. With over 100 years of knowledge, experience and human value, we take pride in being an institution that realizes the change itself.

Our university is now positioned as an institution that has a say in every field, among research institutions and universities leading change on the current "world stage", not only with engineering, architecture, art, economics or business education, but also with its interdisciplinary approach.

While we carry out our education and training, which is the main purpose of our existence, with this vision, we develop contemporary knowledge by producing technological methods in order to make contribution to our country socially, societally and economically. I think that both Davutpasa and Yıldız Campus are concrete examples of our approach to a living, sustainable and barrier-free campus.

We became the first state university in Istanbul to have a "Zero Waste Certificate" with the Zero Waste Management System which we established within the framework of Turkey’s Zero Waste Policy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on our campus, where resource efficiency and sustainability principles are adopted and environmentally friendly projects are encouraged. There are many electric vehicles used by the technical teams of our university in Davutpasa - our modern, nature-friendly campus that carries the traces of history. With the applications we have made, the use of zero-emission vehicles is also becoming widespread. Transportation within the campus is mainly provided by easily accessible electric scooters.

You are invited to an Education Ecosystem that Supports Science, Production and Entrepreneurship.

In our university's 20 thematic research groups, 28 research and application centers, and more than 300 research laboratories that live up to international standards, we make a great effort to offer solutions to real-life problems every day, every hour, to make life easier, to minimize our negative impact on the planet, and to promote different approaches and thoughts on all our campuses; with Davutpasa being in the first place.

In the last 25 years, the biggest concept that has transformed universities and made them institutions that are not only places where knowledge is produced, but also institutions that apply knowledge has been the entrepreneurial university model. This concept has led universities to take responsibility in matters that will carry their society forward economically, socially and societally; as well as better preparing their students for life. During this time, our university has become one of the universities where theory and practice come together, the awareness of learning by doing is developed, and this understanding is best practiced in our country.

Prof. Dr. Tamer YILMAZ